Mrs. O'Connell


Kirstin has been co-director of Rush Nursery School since 2005. She started as a teacher aid in 2002 and began teaching 3 years later. Previously, she taught 6th grade for 7 1/2 years, taking time off to have her own children. Kirstin brings to Rush Nursery School a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in Special Education.


Our school year has been memorable and fun so far! Friendships have been made and we are like a family coming together  5 Days a week. We will combine with Mrs. Harts’s class to celebrate Holidays around the World.  The children have enjoyed our Holiday projects that go along with the Letters. They have also loved our Holiday Dances. We will ring in the New Year making a resolution, become a Mail Delivery Person for Valentine’s Day, celebrate Spirit Week, and then become adorable Leprechauns. The year will continue to be filled with laughs, love and learning:)

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