Kinder Prep Options

2nd child payments include a 10% discount.

KinderPrep is the ideal class for parents interested in “redshirting” their child for a year prior to enrolling in Kindergarten. The University of Stanford recently released a study on the subject for parents interested in learning why it may be beneficial.

The curriculum will teach essential early learning skills, executive functioning skills, critical thinking skills, fine motor development; it will build literacy skills, self-confidence, social skills and organization. Independent learning along with pivotal academics needed for Kindergarten will also be taught.

Academic Focus

"Kinderprep is an excellent option for kids that are not yet ready to attend kindergarten. My son has a late Fall birthday and needed an extra year to mature and gain new skills for school. Rather than having him repeat another preschool year with younger kids, this class was perfect for him. The teachers are excellent and the entire Rush Nursery school staff was such a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend the school and the Kinderprep class!"

2023-2024 School Year Tuition

Make a 5 day per week 2023-2024 tuition payment
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2024-2025 School Year Tuition

Make a 5 day per week 2024-2025 tuition payment
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